Our International Tax specialists offer services that successfully align all the different areas of taxation into a benefit-driven strategy that is reflected favorably in the various financial parameters. Our people and global resources are able to help clients develop and execute business strategies quickly and effectively, with strong accountability and governance. Our practitioners blend local country technical knowledge with appropriate regional and global insight on the latest developments in tax policy, legislation and administration.

Our range of services include

  • Advice on cross border transactions.
  • Advice on double tax treaties and foreign tax systems/implications
  • Tax efficient structuring of cross border transactions.
  • Advisory services in relation to the improvement/effectiveness of the cross border ‘Supply Chain’ process.
  • International tax dispute resolution.
  • Doing business on a global scale brings added complications when it comes to taxes, financial reporting, compliance, business services and much more. We provide a full suite of international tax services to clients from all around the world, allowing them to focus on running their growing business while we establish their business

International Tax Planning Services

We understand that navigating the United States tax code can be a daunting task, especially if you are not a native English speaker. As such, we provide a full range of tax planning, business services, and consulting services to our international clients. These services include accounting services, assist in legal compliance services through International Tax Attorneys, business structuring & formation, due diligence and much more.

Business Formation

Finding a location for your business can be difficult, especially if you’re not physically in America. However, an official business address is a must if you plan to do business in the States. Depending on our client’s needs, we can help to secure a registered business address, whether it be a basic registered mailbox or a 4000 square foot office space.

We also assist our clients with incorporating businesses in the United States. We first identify the most optimal entity structure for their business, for example, an LLC or Corporation or Branch Office. Once we’ve identified the best entity structure for our client’s business, we then assist all of the paperwork to ensure the business is properly incorporated.

Some of the more common questions we receive from our International Tax clients are:

What kind of entity structure should I use?
What state should I incorporate in?
What kind of tax liability will I have?
Do I receive a foreign tax credit if I pay tax in a foreign country?
What forms do I need to disclose?
How can I open a bank account in the United States?
Our team has the experience and the qualifications to guide you through the process of forming your business in the United States so that you can operate without concern.