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Income tax is a tax imposed and collected by the Central Government on a person’s annual income. Income tax is calculated at specified rates on the total annual income of a person and paid to the Central Government. The provisions relating to the income tax are governed by the Income-tax Act, of 1961.

An income Tax (IT) return is the tax document or forms used to file Tax Returns to the Income Tax Department of India. The tax return is usually in a worksheet of set format where the income figures are calculated, and the tax liability is written into the documents.

The law states that government forms must be documented yearly for an individual or business that received income during the year, whether through consistent pay (compensation), profits, intrigue, capital increase, or different sources.


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Document Required While Filling ITR

PAN card
Aadhaar Card

Bank account details
Form 16 (issued by the employer)
Income tax e-filing profile (profile on ITR e-filing portal)
Investment / Loan details if any

Profit and loss statement of shares
Sold out any property previous year

Why do taxpayers trust EasyfileITR for filing Income Tax Returns?

Most people experience difficulty or confusion when submitting an income tax return, as well as managing refunds under various sections, and arriving at the final ITR form.

At EasyfileITR, we provide end-to-end solutions relating to the Income tax return and assist you with the proper guideline, expert tax consultation, PAN application, refund assistance, etc. We assist you throughout the process, and with zero- hassles at your end you do not need to worry about tax returns.

What Is Meant By ‘Filing Income Tax Return’ and Why is it Required?

The law states that tax returns should be filed annually by an individual or business that made income during the year, whether through normal profits (wages), dividends, hobbies, capital gains, or different sources.

Filing an income tax return (ITR) is a declaration of your income across various resources, tax responsibilities, tax paid, and refunds (if any) that the government is supposed to give. The filing of income taxes gives proof of your legal and reported income.

It assists you in various ways, including receiving refunds, asking for loans, using tenders, obtaining start-up funding, and many more. If your actual income is not filed, then it is considered illegal

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ITR 1 – Individuals with income from salary and interest, pay < 50 Lacs
ITR 2 – everything from ITR1 >50 Lacs, Capital gain, as a partnership firm, foreign income, agriculture income >5000 rs
ITR 3 – Everything from ITR2, Business Profession
ITR 4 – Presumptive business income under sections 44AD, 44ADA, 44AE
ITR 5 – Firms, AOPs, BOIs, and LLP
ITR 6 – Companies other than the companies claiming for exemption under section 11
ITR 7 – Persons including companies required to furnish returns under section 139(4A) section 139(4B) or section 139(4C) or section 139(4D)

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You only need to submit the Document (as mentioned below) and one of our experts will get in touch with you for filling ITR. We provide the simplest way to file your ITR in a cost-effective manner across the internet.