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Common Mistakes Salaried individuals build whereas Filing Tax (ITR)


Filing tax returns appears like a troublesome task for several, with all the principles, tax sections, and sub-sections. that’s why they obtain the assistance of tax consultants or their leased Accountants. However, several still favor filing their taxes themselves. whereas filing your taxes yourself is certainly educating, what if you get one thing wrong? If you are doing, you’ll invite scrutiny from the revenue enhancement Department. does one grasp what it is?

What is Scrutiny?

As the word implies, scrutiny is Associate in the Nursing assessment of your official document by the revenue enhancement department. when you file your taxes, the tax department analyzes your returns to envision if it’s correct. If the department feels that you just returns aren’t correct or that you might need to be passed over on recording some financial gain they issue a scrutiny notice. This notice is distributed to you and you’re asked to require the specified actions to rectify your returns.

A revenue enhancement scrutiny may be a hassling affair that consumes each time and cash. Therefore, it’s perpetually higher to use caution once filing your returns so you’ll avoid it. Here square measure some tips to assist you to avoid scrutiny –


Not filing tax returns

The most common mistake committed by low financial gain earning people. They believe that since they need no liabilities they are doing not ought to file their taxes. they’re wrong. Even once your liabilities is nada when deductions, you have got to file your taxes if your gross financial gain is on top of the fundamental exemption limit. as an example, as per current tax slabs, if your financial gain is up to Rs.2.5 lakhs, you’re exempted from tax. Therefore, people earning below Rs.2.5 lakhs needn’t file their taxes. However, if your financial gain exceeds this limit you have got to file returns although your liabilities, when allowed deductions, becomes nada. as an example, if you have got Associate in Nursing financial gain of Rs.3.5 lakhs and you have got created Section 80C investments of Rs.1.5 lakhs your assessable financial gain is Rs.2 lakhs and liabilities becomes nada. however, you have got to file your taxes.

Verify the figures in kind 26AS


Discrepancies in kind 26AS and your returns is another reason behind scrutiny. To avoid such discrepancies, make sure that the figures mentioned in kind 26AS match with the figures mentioned in your tax returns. kind 26AS records the TDS subtracted and attributable to your PAN variety. If there’s any missing quantity you ought to inform the tax authorities and submit relevant proofs of the distinction.

Make sure your interest financial gain is rumored

This is the foremost common error that is formed by several of you. you think that interest financial gain earned on fastened deposits, banks accounts and alternative bonds up to Rs.10,000 is exempt. thus you are doing not embody an equivalent on your returns. Your belief is wrong. Section 80TTA exempts interest financial gain up to Rs.10,000 as long as it’s earned from a bank account. For the other bank accounts or deposits, the financial gain is totally assessable. Moreover, although the bank deducts 100% TDS, you would possibly fall during a higher income tax bracket. As such, you’re needed to file for the extra tax on the interest financial gain. So, whether or not assessable or not, embody your interest financial gain on your tax returns. If your total financial gain (including interest income) is inside the nada income tax bracket, you’ll get a refund on the ten TDS subtracted by the bank. If it’s higher you’ll check if the TDS is akin to the particular liabilities supported your block rate.

In case of job modification, ensure to say each income in your tax returns

When you square measure dynamic jobs throughout a fiscal year, ensure you club incomes earned from each employer once filing your returns. Since you’d be receiving financial gain from 2 staff, your come back ought to show each income. you’ll claim one normal deduction and tax exemption on the clubbed financial gain. ensure you don’t claim 2.

These tips assist you to avoid Associate in Nursing revenue enhancement scrutiny. Also, you ought to remember of high volume transactions which might be picked up the revenue enhancement department. you ought to have correct documentation showing such massive transactions and also the reason for an equivalent.

Being careful is usually higher, particularly once filing taxes. Any scrutiny is Associate in Nursing unwanted inconvenience and will be avoided at any respect prices. Follow the following tips and avoid attainable scrutiny

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